Rails 7's integration with Hotwire

Rails 7's integration with Hotwire is a major step forward for developers looking to create interactive, real-time applications without heavy reliance on JavaScript. Hotwire achieves this through two main components: Turbo and Stimulus.
Turbo allows you to update only parts of the page without a full reload, significantly enhancing the user experience. You can use Turbo Frames to update sections of a page and Turbo Streams for real-time updates via WebSockets.
Stimulus complements Turbo by providing a modest JavaScript framework for adding functionality to HTML. It works seamlessly with Turbo, enabling a reactive-like experience that's lighter and more in line with Rails' "convention over configuration" philosophy.

To get started, include Hotwire in your Gemfile and bundle install. Then, use Turbo Frames in your views to specify parts of the page you want to update dynamically. Combine this with Stimulus controllers for handling user interactions, and you have a powerful toolset for building modern, efficient web applications.
These Rails 7 features collectively offer a path to building more dynamic, real-time applications while sticking to Rails' core principles of simplicity and productivity. Whether it's enhancing data security, simplifying the front-end ecosystem, or creating more responsive user interfaces, Rails 7 has something for every developer looking to build efficient and secure web applications.